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Well, not quite a forest, yet, though I'd like there to be one eventually.

What I'd like would be a stand of trees in a line across the site to the north of the house. Partly to shield the house from northerly winds, partly to suck up water from the ground which can be very wet there and partly as a habitat for wildlife.

The other day (May 17th) while I was setting up my scaffold tower on the site a small deer ran across the entrance track and disappeared into the whins. I haven't seen any on the site for a year or two so later, when it'd probably gone, I went to have a look to see if there was an obvious “nest” where it had gone. I didn't find anything but, while I was there, took a few pictures of the bushes which are growing where I want my forest.

There are three so far. The furthest one (to the left of the yellow gorse) was self seeded. Seeing that I took some cuttings from across the road and the south edge of the site and planted them more or less in a line from that bush back to where there photograph was taken.

I don't know if anything came of them or whether those two in the foreground were self seeded, too, but anyway I'm pleased there's some growth happening.

The near one. The track to its left was my neighbour's tractor extracting a trampoline which had blown over from the neighbour in the opposite direction.

The second of the new ones, showing its position relative to the house.

The original, self-seeded, one also showing the previous house in this field. It was occupied until the mid 1930s when the man died in his fifties at which point his wife moved to Glasgow to be near her children and the croft land was amalgamated with the one at the bottom of the hill.