An Eccentric Anomaly: Ed Davies's Blog

Here are a few specks on the horizon from the beginning of April. Click to see larger versions.

A dolphin jumping in front of a ship sailing into Inverness. This is a frame from a video I shot from Chanonry Point looking south towards Inverness Airport on the way back from a trip to Inverness to buy some safety reading glasses and look at nail guns.

Looking just east of south through the living room and study to the Beatrice platforms. On the right are the two Alpha platforms with, just about visible, the two 5 MW Beatrice demonstrator wind turbines to their right. To the left is the Bravo injection and production platform.

In the foreground is a local wind turbine. I think it's a 15 kW C&F. It looks like it's just over that hedge but it's actually quite a distance down the hill. It's not been overly reliable, being either stopped or taken down quite a lot of the time, but when it's running it makes a useful windsock.

Looking further round to the east, through the gable for the main bedroom, is a crane ship installing bases for the Beatrice windfarm. The actual turbines will go in next year, I understand.

Meanwhile, a few joists for the main loft over the guest bedroom and bathroom with the joist hangers over the kitchen. The idea is to put some temporary decking across these to make doing the roof easier.