Scaffold Sheeting

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Having got the remainder of the main frame done but obviously having insufficient time to do any roofing the thought occurred to me that the wood might get a bit damp at times during the winter.

Accordingly, at the end of October I ordered five rolls of Monarflex sheeting from PSB Scaffolding which arrived the following weekend.

It's 2 metres wide with a reinforcing web with holes which can be punched through for attachment on 1 metre spacing and has an approx. 10 mm grid of reinforcing fibres. Here's the best part of the first roll laid out along the south side of the house.

I screwed some bits of sarking board (150x18 treated timber) up to the posts to put a bit of a slope on it in the hope that it would drain well enough but still rain pooled. Still the sheet's pretty strong and supported that much water with no problem though I wasn't sure if it'd be OK if the gap filled completely.

As it threatened to do.

The weather through November was pretty kind allowing me to stitch sheets together quite a few days.

When I had enough that it should just about reach the other side I pulled it up and over.

Then stitched on some more sheets down the north side.

I made the extra sarking planks on this side a bit steeper.

Unfortunately I ran out of time and weather and didn't quite get the west end fully covered but most of it was reasonably protected when I had to stop in the middle of December.

The water pooled in the roof but leaked through where the sheets joined so it was a case of strategically stacking the timber underneath to avoid the drips.

I didn't think it would stay intact all winter but I did hope it'd all have a good chance to dry out and be protected for a while. Unfortunately it got very windy over Christmas. According to my neighbour it survived pretty well on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but Boxing day was a bit windier and it came to pieces then.

Between Christmas and New Year I took most of it down and tied it to just protect the edge parts for now. I ran out of light on the first day so didn't get the south west corner down then the following day it was too windy to safely untie the top bits from a scaffold tower on the downwind side.

Since then I've taken that last bit down and wrapped a sheet of landscape fabric round one beam to see if it makes things better (keeping water out) or worse (trapping water). It's been getting a good test over recent days.