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It's well past time to catch up on the last bit of 2016's building progress. Let's start with a blog post about a timber post.

My last blog post finished with the finally-sourced appropriate replacement for the split post having its bottom end appropriately slotted and drilled. The actual post replacement operation turned out to be a bit complicated, too.

I didn't want to take down the cross beam attached to the top of the post as its ends are a tight fit in the brackets and it would be a real pain to get them back in and properly lined up with the holes at both ends working on a scaffold tower which needed to be moved back and forth between the two ends. Therefore I left it in place and bolted a spare plank to the bracket on the south end to hold it up, with some rope to stop it flopping sideways too much.


New post put in and laser level used to transfer the height from the neighbouring posts.

Opps, putting up the purlin to the east of the post (the one on the south side of the small bedroom) turned out to be a problem; the bolt holes didn't line up anymore and no amount of slackening and levering on the bracket was going to get them to line up.

Similarly, the bracket on the replacement post was not too well lined up due to a twist in the crossbeams. I'd come across this on other frames but this was a bit different not having been drilled and assembled flat on the ground first.

In the end I decided to turn the purlin over and drill new holes…

…which lined up much better.

Purlin up. This is an odd one as it has an offset step in the purlin alignments to allow for the different construction of the porch/greenhouse windows from the rest of the house. There are three bolts (threaded rods actually) to join the two purlins so I also had to redrill the holes in the abutted purlin (the one on the south east corner of the porch/greenhouse).

Abutted purlin up…

…and clamped for the moment.

Drilling through.

Bolted in place, from the north.

And from the south.

That took me to the middle of September. The rest of the month consisted of putting in the rest of the cross and edge beams for the floor for the western three bays of the house which hadn't been possible until this post was replaced. That was a bit slow as all the planks needed sanding before putting in place, having been out in the weather for a while.

At the end of the first week of October I rather fell into depression partly because of the progress on the house but also the world in general plus probably a bit of SAD (though I don't generally suffer from that specifically - I can get depressed any time) so just did the last bits of the edge beams on the north side then not much more until the beginning of November.