First Purlin Up

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I've now got the first purlin up which is pleasing as it was something which was worrying me a bit. I had various schemes but wasn't sure what would actually be practical.

The weather continues to be horrible. On Monday I met the courier delivering an aluminium scaffold tower in wind and hail which was settling and making driving quite scary. Thursday was OK and I had a go at putting the first purlin up using the simplest method which could possibly work - just tying pulleys to the brackets at the top of the posts.

It could possibly have worked but in practice it turned out too awkward to move the purlins once they got close to the pulleys so that idea was abandoned.

Saturday was nice but too windy to work with big dangling things at height so I just put bits of threaded rod in spare, somewhat weather beaten, lengths of the timber used for tie beams to improvise a crane and generally had a tidy up and sort out in the container.

Today (Sunday) the weather looked terrible for the next few days and I'd written off the day as windy and with rain too early to leave a useful time to experiment and not be rushed. By early afternoon, though, the wind had dropped and there was no immediate sign of rain looking out of the window or at the rain radar so I decided to have a go.

Going up:

Roughly in place, ready to be lined up and bolted:

Wiggling into place to line up the bolt holes at the east end:

East end bolted:

One bolt in at the west end but the other being a bit more awkward to line up:

Sorted by slackening the bolts holding the bracket to the post allowing the bracket to tip a bit. It's the purlin above the kitchen sink but you'll have to imagine a few of the details (floor, roof, walls, etc):

Just got square washers on the outside (south side) for now. The proper backing plates can wait until the neighbouring purlins are up, too:

Looks like wind and/or rain (mostly “and”) till Friday now. We'll see.