An Eccentric Anomaly: Ed Davies's Blog

At the end of January my hosting provider (Mythic Beasts) announced support for HTTPS for customers with sites on their yali and onza servers. Sadly my site is on sphinx so I couldn't switch immediately.

As mentioned in the update at the end of my Site Tweaks post they've been working towards HTTPS on sphinx since. I've just got round to checking and found it's now available so switched it on immediately.

It should be transparent - accesses via http: seem to redirect automatically (301 Moved Permanently) to https:. Nevertheless, direct use of https: would save some traffic and be a bit more secure. Most of the links within my blog and so on are site relative (e.g., "/2015/11/site-tweaks/") so don't need to change but I will need to update my Atom feed to point directly to the secure version and sort out any other http: links.

In the mean time, anybody using a feed reader to fetch the blog feed could usefully add an 's' to the link they use to make checks a bit quicker (if your feed reader doesn't update via the 301 redirect anyway).