4th, 5th and 6th Frames

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The last week or so has been quite wet and windy (usually both) and I only managed to get the three tie beams for the next frames done, each on a separate day. Yesterday (Tuesday), though, was much better and I got the joist holes drilled in the posts for the last three frames and the frames put up.

Sunday night and Monday were forecast to be, and were, very windy so I guyed the frames which were already up just to be sure. If the wind could blow them down then that'd be a useful, though depressing, thing to know now but without the other structure attached to them I was a bit concerned that they'd flex around enough to do some harm:

I went round the timber merchants on Monday afternoon to shop for six more posts for the east gable of the house and the porch/greenhouse. I'll admit I did swing by the site on the way just to be sure I shouldn't be asking for 12 posts but they were fine.

Anyway, the next three frames are up. They're the ones between the living room and kitchen, kitchen and bathroom, and the bathroom and guest bedroom.

The remaining ones to do are the west gable of the house itself, the one in the middle of the porch/greenhouse and its west gable. The posts for those are on order but will take a few weeks to come; they'll need to be cut and graded specially then will have to wait for the next delivery up this way.

Next jobs are figuring out the details of getting the purlins up and sourcing the timber for the main joists. The joists across the house are just too long to easily use straightforward softwood so it's a matter of finding the best engineered timber for the job.