One Forward

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As expected, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were washed out. Thursday was a little better and I made up a more robust gin pole then today got that frame up.

Thursday was a bit tricky as there was a nasty little front or something making its way south. I watched it on the rain radar to the west of Orkney then kept an eye out to the north on site tidying up quickly and hiding in my van as the three heavy showers came by.

Still, I got the borked post attached pretty firmly to the bottom of the one I was using as a gin pole:

They're sort-of half morticed into each other by 55 mm, the maximum depth cut of my circular saw then “bolted” with appropriate lengths of M12 threaded rod:

Today I got the frame up:

but unfortunately it'd got a bit speckley lying in the wet:

so I gave both of the posts a bit of a sand. Nothing a bit of fresh air and sunshine won't sort - it's just bits that have been left in a position where water pools that's a problem.

Then I did the purlins and post top for the south side of the next frame (between the living room and the kitchen):

Frustratingly, that finished up with the same sort of vertical step as my first attempt at the previous pair of purlins. I'm not sure why as they were definitely lined up when I started to drill and were clamped well enough that they really shouldn't have moved.

All I can think of that could have a systematic effect like this is that I drilled both of these putting the drill stand on the purlins which were being drilled and therefore facing in opposite directions so the drill holes in one purlin could be slightly skew relative to those in the other. Next time I'll try keeping the drill stand in one orientation though that's a bit awkward keeping things clamped properly.

Tomorrow (Saturday) looks wet so that'll probably be on Sunday.