Start of Building Season

An Eccentric Anomaly: Ed Davies's Blog

I've not wanted to start on building too early this year partly because of a minor eye operation in mid-February and the ensuing recovery time from that - they said to avoid bending down to lift things and dusty environments which rather narrows down the amount of shifting and circular sawing of 3 metre long 145 mm square posts one wants to do.

Also, I didn't want to be getting the timber out of the container until the days were long enough and the weather had at least a chance of being decent for a few days at a time that I would want to leave it out. Every time I move it there's the risk of adding further minor dings on the corners, etc, which, while of no structural significance, makes things untidy and potentially more awkward later.

As it was I had a check-up with my eye consultant at the beginning of March then a visit to see family in Lancashire so started work properly on Wednesday 9th of March.

Having had a bit of sedentary winter I'm even more unfit than usual at the moment so have had fairly short days particularly when it's been chilly and windy.

It didn't help that I did my back in at the beginning of this week. I fit checked one of the main posts which I hadn't drilled at the end of last year because of timber stacked up against its base bracket then drilled it not sensing any problems. I then squatted down to reposition a bolt on my drill stand which was again OK until I tried to stand up. For the next couple of days I just did the last few stub posts (including the last one for the porch/greenhouse which I'd previously intended to leave for the moment but is good to get done) and had a little tool shopping trip to Inverness.

It's still a bit uncomfortable but mostly better so I'm just going to take a bit more care for a while. Yesterday I got another workstand (Black and Decker Workmate) to be able to do more work standing up straight which should help.