Frame Bits

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As forecast, this week has been quite a bit drier than last though gloomy with a lot of haar early on and pretty breezy later. After a bit of reorganization of stuff in the container I got on with making up a bit of the purlin frame.

Getting things set up right so that the holes for the bolts in the different purlins are parallel is still a bit of a faff …

loosening and tightening the clamps to get the drill base sitting in the right position but it's just time and I think I can do it a bit quicker with a bit of planning and practice:

Here's the purlin across the top of the windows in the main bedroom and the study with the posts in the east gable and the wall between those rooms. Click to embiggen.

That's the view looking south east, by the way.

It's wet and windy today (Saturday) so all I did was replace the bolt in the drill stand which tightens the drill collar (nice to be able to work in the container). The original stripped when I was trying to tighten it doing the second of the main brackets shown above and I put a temporary one it quickly but didn't get the drill quite straight:

Sorry, phone camera doesn't focus too well that close in the dim light of the container but the tip of the drill is about 2 mm out in its 100 mm length resulting in the last hole needing to be a bit elliptical.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is expected to be dry so I plan to get the next bracket and post done, the one between the study and living room windows, and maybe the bracket beyond, next to the kitchen, though not its post as that's a bit buried in the container. Then, when it's also all had a day to dry out outside I'll pack everything away in the container for at least a few likely wet days. After that, we'll see but it'll just be a case of making use of any runs of dry days available.