Testing The Drill Stand

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It's been a damp and chilly week with drizzle most of most days so not a lot has happened. On Thursday I went to Inverness and got various odds and ends - most usefully some welding cable, connectors and croc clips to make up a better connection from the van to the inverter allowing the inverter to work in the container - much safer if it comes on to rain.

Today (Saturday) was a bit better but still with a chilly northerly wind.

First job was to make up the new cables.

I've previously used the drill stand to drill the holes in the bottoms of a few posts. That seemed to go well though it's difficult to get the position exactly right to match up with the end of the post and how it'll sit on the post base. The holes in the post bases are pretty accurately punched but the flanges for the posts to sit on are not so consistent.

Still, I wanted to see how well it would do the smaller (12 mm rather than 16 mm) holes which need to be accurate all the way though the purlins so today I did a “simulated” version of the purlin end at the north-east corner of the house.

Three holes came through pretty accurately - bolts pushed through with no problem. The fourth (actually, the second I drilled, I think) was a bit off, though, and I needed to drill back in the opposite direction to correct it. At one point the drill slipped up in the collar of the drill stand and I suspect that that was the cause of the problem. It's something I'll need to keep an eye out for but shouldn't cause too much trouble I hope.

The result was a nicely fitting gable bracket on the front …

… and on the back:

This is not quite representative of how it'll be finally installed because the bolts are in back to front, the washer is missing from under the bolt head and the scrap stub post supporting the “purlin” here is positioned for balance. The main post will go more like where the stub post is with me holding things together and photographing rather awkwardly like so:

Still, it's cheering to seem to be on top of this problem, touch lots of quite big bits of softwood. The forecast is drier for next week.