An Eccentric Anomaly: Ed Davies's Blog

As mentioned things are not going quickly and the weather has not been helpful so it's become pretty obvious that it wouldn't make sense to try to get any structure up permanently before the weather gets cold, wet and, most importantly, windy. Meanwhile, all my timber was looking very sad in the wet, whether I covered it up or not and however carefully I tried to make sure it was well ventilated. It's difficult not to get holes in a tarpaulin if you keep taking it on and off wood with corners in stiff breezes.

Therefore, I decided to get a shipping container on site in addition to the one I'm renting for storage.

If I'd had any idea how long I was going to rent my current one I'd have bought it. I did have a discussion with the container chap about that a year or so ago but prices were high at that point (they fluctuate a lot) so didn't then. Actually, apart from my books it would have been cheaper to just junk all the stuff and buy new.

When considering this one though, as soon as he said that prices were a bit lower now I realised a purchase made sense. Total price, including delivery and VAT was £3000. It's obviously been rented out before but it's in near-“new” (one trip) condition.

His driver brought it round on a Saturday morning on a trailer with a JCB telehandler thingy on the truck, picked it up and reversed down the drive to drop it on the end of my track.

Now most of the timber is stacked up in there looking a lot happier.

It's also good to get rid of a lot of the low-value stuff in the van (gardening tools, buckets, tarpaulins, etc) which were making access to tools awkward and inefficient. E.g., having found out the prices of renting or buying the container I did some grass cutting by the site entrance while thinking about it but broke the lid on one of my tool boxes while leaning over to get at a rake buried behind - that decided the matter.

With the timber in there there's not really room to do much work but in the longer term it could become a useful little workshop. I'm contemplating putting half a dozen cheap solar panels flat on the roof feeding a simple 12 volt system inside for LED lighting and the 1500 W inverter for the mains drill, etc.

Once the house is built I can either sell the container or, if planning/permitted development allows, get some concrete pads beside the track put in and have it moved round onto that as a permanent external store/workshop. A possibility would be to use it as the side of a carport across the parking area by the house with the whole thing clad in PV panels. They wouldn't get much direct sun but should still produce a reasonable amount on cloudy days.