Bolted To Scotland

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Well, strictly, bolted to concrete but that's resting fairly firmly on Scotland so why waste a good phrase on such pedantry? That's the post-base brackets on which the house will sit which were bolted down by the builder (with some help and a little hinderance from me) yesterday and this morning.

View from the north west corner.

This line looks straight enough…

…but this one looks a bit wonky at the far end…

…but that's OK; the two end brackets are offset 150 mm to allow the purlin to be in a slightly different place on the south side of the greenhouse, on account of its different construction.

A few little jobs left to do on these: a chap from the builders is coming back later to concrete round one rod which goes into concrete but outside the flattened top of its pad, I'll need to go round and make sure all the nuts are tight once the resin's set fully and there's one bracket left to place once the fabricators have got it fully welded and galvanized.

Next step, and I'm really taking it step by step at the moment not wanting to get in a rush over anything while there's still potential for a long run of horrid weather: think about getting the timber posts and beams cut.