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I can now drive on to my land. Starting Wednesday last week the contractors (JW Sinclair) put in the entrance, track, and parking and turning space and cleared the topsoil down to clay for the house site.


On Tuesday they delivered their diggers to site and I pegged out the ground where the track and house go:


First, dig out the entrance:

and replace the soft soil with harder rock:

from my neighbour's borrow pit just up the road:

then extend the entrance back a bit on matting:

Next, having carefully tamped down the entrance surface dig it back up again:

and stick a drainage pipe in:

then tamp it all back down again.


Start building the track out towards the house, initially on Terram to make the slope down from the road very gentle without excessive depth of hardcore:

then transitioning to dug into the ground:

through to the house site. Once all the needed hardcore was down the big digger was brought from the borrow pit to clear the house site:

After a few scoops:

it was going home time and I was left with a nice quiet site so I could drive my van onto my land for the first time:

down as far as the parking and turning area which isn't quite the right shape yet but plenty good enough for now:


First job was to finish off clearing the house site:

then dig an exploratory pit and break up the rock with the big digger for the sewage treatment plant. Last jobs were to build the head walls on the drainage pipe and make good the surface at the entrance:

Somehow that picture's rather misleading - the road only has a quite gentle slope in reality.


Saturday involved a short trip to the site to dig a few test pits in the house area for the foundation design:

observed and recorded by the house designer:

Good news: a bit of clay, a bit of broken rock then solid rock. Should all be pretty straightforward.