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As noted previously I've bought some Scotland. It's about time I showed it off a bit.

The images link to bigger versions. For orientation, here's the site plan I included in the pre-application planning enquiry I submitted:

North is up. The blue outline and shading is the area purchased which includes the two red outline/shaded areas which are decrofted and are slightly smaller subsets of the plots in the existing planning permission in principle (PPIP).

The black line up the left hand side is the single track with passing places road from which access to the site is made. The black box between points bsw and bne is an old ruined building.

The house position is roughly right but I think I'll move it slightly further south before the full planning application goes in.

The access track as shown is a modification of that in the PPIP to avoid the wettest areas east of the ruin. The response to the pre-planning enquiry suggests a more direct route so I'm considering either access on to the road immediately south of the ruin or as far south as the position ph2 is taken from.

So on to the piccies. First the three I included in the pre-planning enquiry whose positions and fields of view are shown on the site plan in orange. These were taken back in the spring.

ph1 - view from the (original) proposed entry place across the ruin to the proposed house site:

ph2 - view from the now-likely entry place towards the house site showing it a bit more clearly:

That lump of growth in the centre of the picture forms a (very) rough circle around point p2 so will be bisected by the boundary fence up the east side of the property. The east end of the house will just push into it a bit.

ph3 - view from the road NE across the northerly plot, the one I plan to sell:

On Sunday I went up to the site to recheck my measurements of the positions where the new fence is to go (points cne (croft, north-east) and cse) and, as it was a bright afternoon, to take a few more pictures.

The east end of the ruin looking south-east across the valley to the sea:

and looking a bit further round towards the south and the house site:

Very wet and reedy ground just south of the ruin:

The strainer post the vendor has positioned but not fixed firmly (concreted?) at the south east corner of the land (cse) looking to the east across his and my neighbour to the south's land. Thankfully, my previous position measurement checked out so I don't have to ask him to dig another hole:

Looking north from there (cse) towards the house site with the fence posts he's laid out along the boundary line. Nice open ground to avoid anything blocking my panels:

A closer look at the house site. I'm standing at about the south-west corner looking ENE diagonally across the house:

At about the same position looking south. The growth on the right extends a little east from the fence post at point s2:

Again, about the same position looking a bit further west so this'll be the main view from the house:

… and NE across the valley. It's pretty clear here how the ground changes from the rather drier tussock covering around the house site to the wetter reed bit:

Looking north from there to the ruin and across the valley:

Hmmm, on reflection I should have taken a few more pictures looking west towards the road. Later …