Scope Test

An Eccentric Anomaly: Ed Davies's Blog

It's been over two years now since I last used my telescope. With the transit of Venus coming up on Wednesday morning I thought I'd give it a quick try.

The batteries I used with it before are both a bit weak so I made up leads to use it with some LiFePO4 cells and set it up outside with a solar filter on the front.

A “quick align” then goto Venus got it tracking nicely in the vicinity of the Sun when I got the dd/mm vs mm/dd thing right at the second attempt (this is the sort of reason you need to practice).

I tried a few photographs with a pocket camera. The least unsuccessful:

Yep, those are sunspots. They looked much more in focus through the eyepiece.

I've done quite a bit of eye-piece projection with my binoculars before (Transit of Mercury, Transit of Venus) but junked that contraption when moving. I tried some scope eye-piece projection this afternoon which turned out to be a rather bad idea as I managed to vaporise a part of the 10 mm eyepiece, sputtering its lens with the proceeds:

Oh well, the diagonal needed a clean, anyway, and the 25 mm with a 2x Barlow works OK.