Extradition to the US

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I've just signed the petition (via Boing Boing) against the extradition of Richard O'Dwyer to the US. Here's why.

Many commenters oppose the extradition for what I regard as irrelevant reasons such as the right- or wrongness of the US law, that the crime is only alleged (of course it's only alleged until a trial has taken place) and the assumed legality of his actions under UK law.

What is fundamentally wrong is the UK government's co-operation in the application of US law to the actions of a UK citizen in the UK. If such extra-territorial application of national law was taken to its logical conclusion then everybody on the planet would have to obey the laws of every country all of the time. If something is compulsory in one country and prohibited in another then everybody gets extradited somewhere.

Dividing the place up into a bunch of sovereign nations is a pretty poor way of running a planet but until we come up with a better idea it's probably helpful to run the existing system properly and accept that sending bits across borders may not always result in outcomes entirely to the liking of those on the receiving end.