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Living around Tongue the view is usually at least interesting - even if it's only for the lack of a view in rain and mist. Sometimes, though, it's almost possible to understand why people come this way on holiday.

First, the view across the valley a while ago: probably the day after this tweet so April 3rd.

A few days later there was a slightly silly conversation about livestock photographed out of the opposite window.

After a run of mixed and somewhat horrid weather, today was rather nice so I took a few piccies while out visiting the health centre, to order some eye drops, and the little shop in Talmine. Looking from the Talmine road south up the Kyle of Tongue with the causeway in the foreground and Ben Loyal, with a bit of snow left on it, beyond.

Tongue from the causeway.

Looking east from the causeway. Home's on the other side of the two hills on the left (the Watch Hill and Ben Tongue).

Driving north east on the little road up the side of the Kyle.

The islands in the mouth of the Kyle with Talmine and the other townships along that road with the sand spit to the left.

The busy main road east from Tongue, round the north side of the Watch Hill.

Bonus picture added 2012-04-29: taken on the way home from a short trip to Inverness on Friday. Looking north and east up the busy main road to the south of Tongue.