Node Version 6 on the Pogoplug

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Dear Future Self and Anybody Else Who Cares,

Here's a method which works for me to compile Node.js version 0.6.2 to run on a Pogoplug (ARM-based low-power server) running Debian Squeeze (6.0.2).

Thanks to Alexis Farmer (@destroyboy) for the final bit. Previous sources included Stackoverflow and the Github bug reports for related issues (#1131: Bug in "Date" object and others).

I strongly suspect there's redundancy, if not contradiction, in the parameters here. Whatever.

$ tar xvzf node-v0.6.2.tar.gz
$ cd node-v0.6.2
$ nano deps/v8/SConstruct

Find 'armeabi:softfp'. Comment out the lines:

      'armeabi:softfp' : {
       # 'vfp3:on': {
       # },
       # 'simulator:none': {
       #   'CCFLAGS':     ['-mfloat-abi=softfp'],
       # }
$ export CCFLAGS="-march=armv5t -mfloat-abi=soft -fno-tree-sink"
$ ./configure --without-snapshot
$ make
$ ./node --version

As root:

# rm /usr/local/bin/node
# ln -s /home/edavies/node/node-v0.6.2/node /usr/local/bin/node