Solar Warm Air Panel: PV Driven Fan

An Eccentric Anomaly: Ed Davies's Blog

There was a lot less breeze this morning but still very little heat being moved into the bathroom despite temperatures in the collector in the mid 30s °C and in the box outside the window in the mid 20s so I dug through my junk boxes for an old computer fan to hook on to one of my Maplin 15 W amorphous silicon PV panels. 

The open-circuit voltage of these panels is around 28 V and in bright sunlight the fan was fair whirling round with the voltage around 20 V. It didn't burn out immediately, though. With a bit of cloud it was all a somewhat more sedate at a bit over 14 V.

So I stuck it on the input to the collector.

Yes, that's double insulated in the sense that there are at least two air molecules between the croc clips. It's now clouded up completely so it's a bit early to say anything useful about how it works. The forecast is for heavy rain tonight and sunny intervals tomorrow so maybe I'll go out now and try to make it a little less temporary...