Solar Warm Air Panel: Part 1.6

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After yet more gloomy, wet and windy weather we seem to be getting a proper Billy Connolly June.

I had a bit of difficulty cutting the polycarbonate PVC sheet to length without it cracking but, with some good advice from the Navitron forum (with some nice ancillary discussion), I got a rotary tool by mail order which did the job pretty well. A couple of days ago I made up the central support for the polycarbonate PVC sheets with a piece across the bottom to which to tack the absorber.

Yesterday (Friday) I put the box in place and gave it some legs. I hope the box itself will last a while but its current location shouldn't be very permanent so I'm not being at all picky about the preservation of the supports.

Though the weather was much nicer it was still pretty windy so I left putting in the absorber (landscaping fabric, for now) and adding the polycarbonate PVC until today (Saturday).

I hope tomorrow morning I'll get a chance to see how warm it gets. Then it'll be a matter of thinking about ducting the output up to the window.