In the Beginning

An Eccentric Anomaly: Ed Davies's Blog

What's the literal meaning of the title of this blog?: Eccentric Anomaly. It just appealed to me though I have used the concept a little bit for work purposes.

And why the badger? I have some grey bits in my hair which are fairly randomly organized but used to form a pretty prominent strip down the front. Somebody said that every time he saw me I looked more and more like a badger. This amused another somebody enough to start calling me Ed the Badger.

The icon actually came from avatarity though I thought it would be kinder not to use the animated version except, perhaps, for pages categorized as rants.

This blog will be about anything that takes my interest. As such it's not likely to be too consistent but some themes might include: low-energy and off-grid houses, programming, astronomy and flying (particularly gliding).

It's produced using a home-made system which creates static pages. At the moment it's still pretty bare bones, and actually needs some bits to be sorted before it can reasonably go beyond a few dozen posts, but it should do until further evolution can take place.