Walk on Coldbackie Beach

An Eccentric Anomaly: Ed Davies's Blog

It was pretty grey, drizzling and miserable for most of the morning and early afternoon but dried up later so, not having been out for a week or so and feeling a bit stale, I decided on a walk to try to find the start of a footpath on the hillside across the valley from home. It was not obvious so I carried on down to the beach which was not exactly crowded; there were some footprints.

With my phone camera:


If you took a couple of months over rotating this to face south and moving it about 15° equatorwards I suspect it'd finish up a little less empty; it's really quite a nice little beach.

The cave at the west end was, unfortunately, fairly full of detritus but I suspect the rocks around it could keep somebody reasonably knowledgeable about geology entertained for a while — those colours are about right.