House: Why?

Why do I want to build an off-grid house?



I want to live and work in a home which is warm and peaceful but doesn't cost a lot of money to run. I can't afford this is the south-east of England.

Also, I want somewhere comfortable to live if and when the economy starts having real problems. I don't mind being poor but I don't want to be cold and poor.


There's an element of "be the change..." involved. A combination of global warming and peak oil are going to result in the need for some action here in the West. Four possible (but not exclusive) outcomes spring to mind:

Politics being what they are, I don't think the first or last are really likely to happen without a great deal of leadership, something which is rather out of fashion. We seem to be particularly bad at dealing with problems which are not immediately apparent.

I don't want either of the middle two done in my name.

But, Why Self Build?

Mostly I just want to live in a house which meets the criteria described above. Unfortunately, I don't think there are many in this country (a few hundred at the absolute most; I think I know where a large proportion of them are) and, particularly, not many that I can afford. Therefore, building one seems like a good plan.

I want to do as much as of the construction of the house myself as I can because: