[ Procedures ]

Updating a Mirror Database #

Description #

To update a mirror database from its associated master database.

This should be done whenever it is required that the mirror database be up to date with the master.

Conditions #

Mirror database open for write.

Master database not open for write.

Operator Level #

Browser (on the mirror database).

Usage #

Make sure the master database is not open for write. It can be either completely closed or just open for read. Use the Database Access check box on the Main Window to close write access if the database is currently open for write.

In the mirror database, choose File | Copy from Master Database...

Choose OK in the Max2 - Overwrite with Master? dialog.

In the Database Copy Start Date dialog box enter a month no later than the earliest which contains transactions or other changes which have not been copied to the mirror. Typically, for a mirror which is updated reasonably regularly, the default option of copying the current month and the three preceding months has a sensible margin of safety. If in doubt, copy more months as they don't take very long, even over a network connection. Choose OK.

The copy operation takes place, with progress being displayed in the progress message box of the Main Window.

Once the copy has completed you will need to log on again. This is because the operator names and other properties have been copied from the master database and may have changed.

See Also #

For a discussion of the use and setting up of mirror databases see Database Mirroring.