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Trial Lesson Selectors #

Trial lesson selectors are used to select trial lesson accounts (that is, accounts for individual trial lessons, not including trial lesson groups which are dealt with using proper accounts). They are used for

Unlike transaction selectors, trial lesson selectors only select from the current month. The exception is when they are used as a subsidiary selector on the transaction selector - in that case, the month of the transaction in question is used as the month in which the checks are made.

Trial lesson accounts must match all of the parts of the selector in order to be included in the selection. When Max2 starts the trial lesson selector is set to match all trial lesson accounts.

The Standard Selections menu item allows this default to be restored using the All menu item.

The following sections describe each of the trial lesson selector parts in turn.

Individual Trial Lesson #

Selects the individual trial lesson with the number entered.

Sale Day #

Selects trial lessons based on the date on which the sale was made.

Trial Lesson Type #

Selects trial lesson accounts on the basis of their type.

Flight Day #

Selects trial lesson accounts on whether or not they have been flown and, if they have been flown, the day of the flight.

Fee Paid #

Selects trial lesson accounts on the amount paid for them. This part has two separate sub-parts which must both match for the trial lesson account to be selected:

The comparison against the standard amount uses the trial lesson type as it exists in the month in which the check is made; if the price of a trial lesson type is changed then accounts sold at the old price but not yet flown will show up as non-standard.