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Selected Account Report #

The [ Selected ] Proper Account Report lists details of either all or a selected subset of the proper accounts at the end of the current month. The details printed are chosen via the options window.

The Account Selection group controls whether or not an account selector is used.

The Order group controls how the printed list of accounts is sorted - on ascending account number or name.

The Options group controls which details of the accounts are printed. If all options are selected then the report can be quite wide and is best printed in landscape mode. If the telecomm numbers are printed then they are put on individual lines. Telecomm numbers are not printed if they are marked as Private numbers - do not release on the account record.

If the money balance is selected for inclusion in the report then a line is added at the bottom giving the total credits, debts and net balances for the accounts. Similarly, if the aerotow credit is selected then a line with the total aerotow credit is added.