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P1 Report #

The P1/non-paying pilot Report details the glider flying by members other than as the paying pilot. This includes instruction and mutual flying. Power flying, including gliding instruction in motor-gliders, is not included. The report is primarily intended for the CFI or others supervising instructors though it can also be used when crediting instructors for flying done.

The transactions considered for the report are chosen first using a normal transaction selector. Of those transactions, only glider flights with a P1-number specified are further selected.

Each such flight is logged against the account with the P1-number subdivided by the membership class of the paying member (from the member-number field). The membership class of the paying member is that current at the end of the month of the flight - this might sometimes be different from that at the time of the flight, e.g., for a course member who joins the club later in the month than the day of the flight.

The time logged for the flight is the contents of the actual-flight-time field computed by the charging rules but intended to be simply the landing time minus the take-off time.

The flying is reported by account number, sorted on the members' names. The member name given is that for the account number in the current month. If an account is deleted and a new one is created with the same number within the reporting period (this can only happen if the report is printed for more than one month, say for a whole year) then logged P1 flying for the two accounts will added together.