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Members' Flying Report #

Normal usage #

The Members' Flying Report gives an overall summary of members' flying. It is intended for use by supervising instructors rather than as a financial output.

Except as noted below, all glider and power flying is included with the exception of aerotows and aerotow retrieves. Included are glider, motor-glider and off-tow tug flying as the paying or non-paying pilot.

For glider flights the actual and charged flight times are taken from the actual-flight-time and charged-flight-time fields as set by the charging rules.

For power flights the actual flight time is taken as the first available (defined and set to a time value) of the following computed transaction fields: flight-time, hobbs-time, chocks-time or tacho-time. If none of these are set the flight is ignored. The charged flight time is taken from the equivalent charged time field (e.g., flight-charged-time) if present, otherwise the actual time is used as the charged time.

The flight times are logged against the account shown in the member-number field as either Solo flying or, if the P1-number field is not blank, as Paying dual flying. The same flight times are also logged against the account shown in the P1-number field, if that is not blank, as Non-paying dual flying.

Note that in unusual circumstances such as a family members with a joint account flying together the same flight can be logged twice to the same account.

Options #

Normal use of this report is to list all of the people who have flown in a period (typically a month or a year) but it is possible to select other combinations.

This report is unusual in that it uses both a transaction selector to choose the flight transactions to be included and an account selector to choose the accounts to be reported on.

The transaction selector is used directly to select the flight transactions and make a list of the paying and non-paying accounts involved, together with their flight times. The account selector is then used to choose which of these accounts are to be printed. If the Include accounts which have not flown check box is checked then any selected accounts which are not already in the list are added (with zero flight times, of course).

For example, using the combination of having the Include accounts which have flown unchecked and Include account which have not flown combined with appropriate account and transaction selectors might be used to print a list of instructors who have not flown over a winter.

The transaction selector can, itself, include an account selector used to filter transactions on the member-number field. This is quite separate from the account selector used to select the accounts included in the report. For example, it would be possible to select all the flights with a basic instructor as the paying pilot (using the account selector in the transaction selector) then print the report using the overall account selector to pick out the full-cat instructors to get a view of who is doing how much basic instructor coaching.

Note also that the account selections done on transactions look at the state of the account at the end of the month of the transaction whereas the overall account selection uses the state in the current month.