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Available Account Numbers Report #

The Available Account Numbers report lists the proper account numbers for each letter of the alphabet available for allocation to ordinary, course and temporary members. The idea is that a single copy of the report should be available at the reception desk so that new members can be allocated numbers easily without relying on the computer being available immediately. As numbers are allocated they should be crossed off this report to avoid duplication. Once the new accounts have been created in Max2 a fresh copy of the report with new numbers can be printed.

In the body of the report there are twenty six lines, one for each letter of the alphabet. Listed on the line are a sequence (as limited by the page width) of numbers for which there is not currently an account in the system and for which there is not a "zombie" account recording the deletion of an account with the number in the last 15 months.

To help spread out the use of account numbers, the first number on the "A" line is selected at random. The remaining numbers on the report are in sequence from that, skipping numbers in use of course, but next time the report is printed a new random number will be selected.

Initially, account numbers with three digits after the letter are used. In the unlikely event that all are taken then two digit then one digit numbers are used. If only a few numbers are available for the letter then they will be listed and the line for that letter will not be full length. In the extreme, and very unlikely, case that there are no numbers available for an account the line will show A - no numbers available with A being the letter in question. If that ever happened it would be time to modify the program to allow reuse of the recently deleted numbers.

Note that the "zombie" deleted account records are only used for the production of this report. It is quite possible to create an account with a number of another account which has been deleted in the previous or other recent months.