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Print Account Labels #

The account labels reporting function prints address labels for selected proper accounts, one or more to a page, on a fixed grid across and down the page. Typically, it is used for printing to sticky labels but it could also be used to print a single address in the same position on each of a set of form letters.

When the menu function is selected an account selector is first displayed. When this has been set up as required and OK pressed a form to set up the layout of the labels is displayed.

This form allows the origin of the label grid and the spacing of the labels in each direction to be set. It also allows the number of labels on each row and the number of rows to be entered.

All dimensions are in millimetres. Unfortunately, the Visual Basic printing system does not allow the software to set the position of the text relative to the physical edge of the paper but only relative to what the printer driver thinks is the edge of the printable area (some laser printers, particularly the earlier ones from the time at which this software was written, can't print right to the edge of the paper). Therefore, a certain amount of experimentation is required to get the labels set up correctly.

The label layout information is stored in the database lock file. Consequently, it is not updated by transactions and, once the layout has been setup, it can be used for any month, including those before the month in which it was set.

The two numbers at the top left of the form (15 and 21 in the screenshot) are the location of the top left corner of the first label relative to the edges of the printing area.

The second number on the top row (101.5) is the spacing of the labels across the page. This can be measured as the distance from the left edge of one label to the left edge of the label immediately to its right.

The third number on the top row (70) is the width of the text for individual labels. This is used to position the account number to the right edge of the label on the same line as the name. There is no check for the text in each address line being too long.

The number on the left-hand side, below the position of the top row, (38.166) is the vertical spacing of the rows. It can be measured on the labels as the height from the top of one label to the top of the label below.

The number on the right hand side (30) is the maximum height allowed for each address label. If a label is found which will overspill this height then a dialog box is displayed reporting the relevant account number and allowing the print operation to be cancelled.

The two numbers at lower right (2 and 7) are the number of labels in each row and the number of rows on each page, respectively. These can both be set to one to print a single label on each copy of a pre-printed letter or form.

Pressing OK results in the labels being printed.