[ Reports ]

Introduction #

There are number of ways of looking at the data stored in the Max2 database on screen, but the main method of access is via printed reports. These are produced from the main Max2 window's Report menu.

This menu starts with five blocks of items used to print various forms of report followed by one block which just contains the option to setup the printer and one containing miscellaneous items related to export of data in various forms. The data export items are discussed in the Data Export section.

The reports can usefully be classified:

Monthly Account Statements #

The monthly accounts statements are clearly the primary output from Max2 and are discussed in detail below.

Summary and Selected Reports #

The "Summary" and "Selected" reports are the main method of obtaining detailed information from the system. There are reports for nearly all pairings of these keywords and the major objects in the system:

  Summary Selected
Transactions Transaction Summary Report Selected Transaction Report
Proper Accounts Account Summary Report Selected Account Report
Trial Lesson Accounts - Selected Trial Lesson Report

These reports are made more powerful by the use of the appropriate selectors which allow the reports to be printed for various subsets of the data. Most of the time, if somebody asks "can Max print..." the answer is, yes, with the right choice from these reports combined with the right selector(s). As is discussed in the selector section, transaction selectors can find transactions for a number of consecutive months whereas account and trial lesson selectors can only select those for the current month.

In general, the "summary" reports give information about the complete set of objects, e.g., the total value of a set of transactions, whereas the "selected" reports list details for each of the selected objects of that type.

Flying Reports #

These are reports primarily intended for the flying and engineering staff and for the use of the committee for analysis of the club's flying activity, rather than for billing or accountancy use.

The Rest #

The remaining reports perform miscellaneous functions as described in their individual sections.