Programmer's Guide #

Introduction #

This chapter describes the internal structure of the code which makes up Max2 and gives other information useful to programmers who need to make modifications to the software. It is not intended for use by non-programmers.

Overview #

The code for Max2 is divided into two major components: a user interface (UI) written in Microsoft Visual Basic and a back-end written in Microsoft C/C++.

The VB "user interface" (UI) actually contains most of the functionality of the Max2 system - that is the code which gives the system its characteristics. In particular, the UI contains the code for managing the monthly files, managing different types of accounts and transactions, application of the charging rules and generation of reports.

The back-end contains modules which provide support for the UI. The two most important of these are access to transaction files and access to state files. Other functionality in the back-end includes database locking, currency and date/time value parsing and formatting, execution of a compiled form of the charging rules, management of a cache of account numbers and names, printer configuration and collection of execution statistics for performance tuning.

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