Procedures #

This chapter lists individual procedures for operation of Max2. To enable easy reference the procedures are shown in alphabetical title order.

Format #

Each procedure is divided into sections:-

Description #

Outline description, saying what the procedure does.

Conditions #

The required state of the system for the procedure to be applied. The first condition is usually a brief statement of the condition of the selected month's transaction and state files.

Operator Level #

The minimum level of capabilities of the operator required in order to apply the procedure.

Usage #

The actions which need to be taken.

See Also #

A list of related procedures: procedures which may be required before or after the one being described, procedures which perform other actions on the objects affected by the current procedure or procedures which do similar actions on other objects.

[[Account Creation]]

[[Account Modification]]

[[Account Number Allocation]]

[[Adding New Cash Received Headings]]

[[Adding New Course Types]]

[[Adding New Headings]]

[[Adding New Membership Types]]

[[Adding New Property Types]]

[[Anonymizing Old Accounts]]

[[Building State Files]]

[[Checking Glider Flying Logsheet Entries]]

[[Course Sale Entry]]

[[Deleting Cash Received Headings]]

[[Deleting Course Types]]

[[Deleting Headings]]

[[Deleting Membership Types]]

[[Deleting or Undeleting Multiple Transactions]]

[[Deleting or Undeleting Transactions]]

[[Deleting Proper Accounts]]

[[Deleting Property Types]]

[[Displaying Proper Account Lists]]

[[Displaying Proper Account Transactions]]

[[Displaying Transactions]]

[[Duplicating Transactions]]

[[Editing Charging Rules]]

[[Editing Course Types]]

[[Filling In Account Details]]

[[Glider Flying Logsheet Entry]]

[[Membership Sale Entry]]

[[Modifying Properties Of An Account]]

[[Month Change Processing]]

[[Month End Processing]]

[[Month Start Processing]]

[[Power Flying Logsheet Entry]]

[[Renaming Headings]]

[[Renaming Property Types]]

[[Reopening A Month]]

[[Setting Up The Bank Holiday List]]

[[Trial Lesson Ticket Sale Entry]]

[[Updating a Mirror Database]]