[ Procedures ]

Trial Lesson Ticket Sale Entry #

Description #

To record a trial lesson ticket sale.

This causes a trial lesson account to be created and records the receipt of cash for the trial lesson. It should be done when the trial lesson ticket is sold.

Also used to reinstate old trial lesson tickets which have been deleted from the system.

Conditions #

Write access. Month is open for daily transactions.

Operator Level #

Full Entry

Usage #

Choose the Trial Lesson Sales... menu item from the main window's Input menu. This will display the Trial Lesson Sale window.

Select the date of the sale in the top panel. This must be the sale date shown on the trial lesson ticket. If it is not then, when the trial lesson is flown, it will be difficult to match the ticket with the account.

Enter the trial lesson number (from the top right corner of the trial lesson ticket) and select its type.

If the price paid is non-standard for the trial lesson type then update the Fee box to show the price actually charged. For donated trial lessons (e.g., to charity raffles) enter zero.

If the trial lesson ticket is one which was sold before but which has been deleted from the system then check the Reinstatement of old trial lesson deleted from system box. This will cause an extra panel to be displayed for entry of the details of the original trial lesson.

For reinstated trial lessons the Fee box is renamed the Upgrade Fee box. Enter in this box any extra charge made, e.g., due to the difference between the original price paid and the current trial lesson price. If no extra fee is charged then enter zero.

When the details are correct choose the Enter button.

If there are more trial lesson ticket sales to enter repeat the above procedure for each of them.

When all the trial lesson ticket sales have been entered choose the Done button.