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Reopening A Month #

Description #

To reopen a month so that further transactions can be entered, after it has been closed as part of the month end processing.

This should be done with extreme care as closing the month is used to indicate that it is "frozen" as far as Max2 data is concerned and so other processes within the club (e.g., the Sage accounts) can rely on the summary numbers being fixed. Therefore, care must be taken that any transactions entered after reopening the month do not affect the summary results or that any changes which are made get propagated forward as required.

Normally only the most recent closed month would be reopened but if an earlier month is reopened then all subsequent months which were closed are also reopened (the closed states of months is stored as the single month number of the most recent closed month).

Conditions #

Write access. Current month is closed.

Operator Level #


Usage #

With the required month selected as the current month, in the main window choose Manager -> Month -> Reopen Month.

See Also #

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