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Adding New Course Types #

Description #

To add a new type of course which is available for sale.

Conditions #

Write access. Month is open for start-of-month or daily transactions.

There are no new course types created in following months (see Index Number).

Operator Level #


Usage #

Choose Manager | Course Type... in the main window's menu. This displays the Course Type List window.

Choose Add.

Enter the name of the new course type. This can be up to 30 characters long and can include letters, digits, spaces and other characters. Avoid names for course types which have already been used.

Enter the default fee for course sales. When a course sale is entered the operator will be able to override this fee, in case, for example, special deals have been negotiated or the course is being sold as an "upgrade" from a shorter course.

Enter the heading which course sales of this type are to be entered under. (Though this is in the "Default" frame this is not really a default as such as the operator does not have the chance to override it when entering course sale transactions).

Enter the default aerotow credit which is to be added to the member's aerotow balance. The operator can override this value at the time of the course sale. Typically this is used if the course sale is an "upgrade" from a shorter course.

Add any properties which are to apply to all members who are currently on courses of this type. An example of this could be "VATed" which applies to courses for which the club has to charge VAT.

When the course details are correct choose Add.

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