[ Procedures ]

Adding New Cash Received Headings #

Description #

To add a new heading which can be used to classify a cash received transaction.

Conditions #

Write access. Month is open for start-of-month or daily transactions.

There are currently fewer than the maximum number of cash received headings (50 (MAX_SYMBOL_SET_SIZE, in SYMBOL.BAS)).

There are no new cash received headings created in following months (see Index Number).

Operator Level #


Usage #

Choose Manager | Cash Heading... in the main window's menu. The Cash Heading List window is displayed.

Choose Add. An input box is displayed to allow entry of the name of the new heading. Enter the name which can be made up of up to 30 characters including letters, digits, spaces and other characters. Avoid entering a name which is the same as any existing cash received heading.

Choose OK. The new cash received heading is created.

When all the required new headings have been created choose Done.

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