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Month Start Processing #

Description #

To set a month up for input of daily transactions.

Conditions #

Write access. Month is in the no state file state.

All deletions and charging rule changes for the previous month have been done.

Previous month is open for daily transactions but input of daily transactions for the previous month does not have to be complete. (If further daily transactions are input for the previous month then the state file of the new month will need to be rebuilt - this takes a few minutes and is done automatically).

The new month does not have to have actually started, it is normal to carry out this procedure in the last few days of the preceding month.

Operator Level #

Full Entry

Usage #

In the Max2 main window select the month to be opened.

The Max2 - State File Creation window is displayed asking whether a state file for the month is to be created. Make sure that the Build state files for following months check box is clear then choose Yes. (See Building State Files).

Max2 then copies the previous month's state file and sets the month to the Not yet open state.

Choose the Manager | Month | Open for Start of Month Transactions menu item in the main window's menu. This creates an empty start-of-month file and changes the month state to Start of month.

Input any start-of-month transactions which are required. See:

The Bank Holiday list needs to be set up once each year, at the start of January.

Once the start-of-month transactions have been input the month can be opened for daily transactions. If, after this has been done, further start-of-month transactions are found to be required then they must be input by a manager level operator and the state file will be rebuilt. (Some start-of-month transactions are "safe" and do not have this restriction.)

To open the month for daily transactions choose the Manager | Month | Open for Daily Transactions item in the main window's menu.

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