[ Procedures ]

Month Change Processing #

Description #

Actions which need to be done when one month ends and the next month starts.

Conditions #

Write access.

Old month is open for daily transactions.

New month is in the no state file state.

Operator Level #

Full Entry - for most of the actions.

Usage #

The work which needs to be done when going from one month to the next consists of finishing off the old month and starting the new month.

These procedures do not have to be done in order. It is quite normal to start on a new month while there are still a few transactions to be input and reports to be printed for the old month. In fact, it is normal to start the processing for a month a few days before the previous month has even finished.

However, you should do all deletions of accounts, properties and headings and changes to the charging rules in one month before opening the following month. This avoids the possibility of accidentally using one of the objects deleted in one month in a transaction in the following month.

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