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Modifying Properties Of An Account #

Description #

To add a property to an account or remove a property from an account. Properties indicate information about the account holder such as membership of one of the sub-groups within the club.

Because changing the properties on an account can change the way in which accounts are charged for flying, if the account already has any flight transactions for the current month then changing the properties will result in the state file for the month being rebuilt - so that the new property takes effect.

Conditions #

Write access. Month is open for start-of-month or daily transactions.

Operator Level #

Full Entry.

Usage #

If the account is not already displayed in the Edit Account or Add Account window then display it. See procedures Account Modification or Account Creation.

Addition #

To add a property, choose the Add button in the Properties area. This causes the Property Addition window to be displayed.

In the Property Addition window select the property to be added and then choose OK.

Removal #

To remove a property from an account, select the property in the list box in the Properties area and then choose Delete.

See Also #

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