[ Procedures ]

Glider Flying Logsheet Entry #

Description #

To enter a glider logsheet.

Conditions #

Write access. Month is open for daily transactions.

All membership sales for the day have already been entered. See Membership Sale Entry, Course Sale Entry and Trial Lesson Ticket Sale Entry.

Operator Level #

Basic Entry

Usage #

Reconcile the logsheet by filling in the heights of the aerotows in the "Office Use" column by reference to the tug log cards.

Display Window #

Choose the Input | Glider Flights... item in the main window's menu. The Glider Flight Entry window is displayed, and a few seconds later the Transactions window is shown below it.

Set Date #

Set the date you are entering the logsheet for in the top panel of the Glider Flight Entry window.

Set Page and Line #

If you are starting with a flight which is not the first flight of the day (e.g., if part of the logsheet has been entered previously) then set the sheet number and logsheet line number (Flight) also in this panel. If you think that some of the flights on the logsheet have already been entered you can check this: see Checking Glider Flying Logsheet Entries.

Enter Account #

In the Member text box enter the account number of the paying club member. If this is not present on the logsheet see Displaying Proper Account Lists for information on how to look up account numbers from the name.

Check that the member's name which Max2 displays is correct.

Enter trial lesson account numbers as four digit numbers - do not prefix them with "T/L" "AX" or other annotations which are often present on the logsheet. If the trial lesson number is five or more digits then enter just the last four digits. If there is more than one trial lesson account with this number then Max2 will prompt you to select which one you mean. Trial lesson accounts with the same number are distinguished by sale date, refer to the trial lesson ticket which should have been returned to the office with the logsheet.

Enter P1 Account #

If there is an account number for the non-paying instructor or passenger enter it in the P1 text box, otherwise leave this box blank. Check that the name which Max2 displays is correct.

Enter Flight Details #

Enter the glider number, takeoff and landing time, tug registration and tow height in the following boxes. The glider number can be up to four letters or digits - it is important that this is spelt correctly for club gliders as it is used to select the soaring charge used.

The takeoff and landing times should be entered in 24 hour format, e.g., "9:30", "0930", "17:05" or "1705". Max2 will automatically display the time with the colon if it understands what you have entered.

The tug should be identified by the last two letters of its registration, e.g., "GH" for the tug whose full registration is "G-BLGH".

Enter the aerotow height in feet, e.g., for a two thousand foot aerotow enter 2000.

If a special rule applies to the flight (normally marked on the logsheet or tug log) then select the appropriate option from the special rule list box.

Check Information #

Check the information displayed on the bottom panel. In particular, the Glider Type should be correct (or "Private" for non-club gliders), and the total fee should be reasonable for the flight. Remember that trial lesson and course flights will not be charged a fee for the flight.

Enter Flight #

When the entry appears correct choose the Enter button. If Max2 detects an error it will display a message at this point, otherwise the flight transaction will be posted and the Glider Flight Entry window will be cleared. The flight transaction will be shown at the top of the Transactions window.

Next Flight #

Check that the logsheet page (Sheet) and line (Flight) boxes are correct at the top of the window. If they are not, e.g., because of spoilt or deleted lines on the logsheet, change them as required. Now enter the details of the next flight.

Done #

When all of the glider flights for a day have been entered check for any duplications or omissions: see Checking Glider Flying Logsheet Entries and then close the Glider Flight Entry window by choosing the Done button.

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