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Filling In Account Details #

Description #

To enter the details of a proper account holder.

Conditions #

Month is open for daily transactions.

Operator Level #

Full Entry

Usage #

If the Add Account or Edit Account window is not already open for the account then open it, see Account Creation and Account Modification.

Try to put the details in the correct boxes leaving unknown or unneeded boxes blank. For example, if you only know the account holder's initials, leave the First Name and Nick Name boxes empty. Max2 will automatically select the most suitable available information when displaying and printing the name depending on the style and formality appropriate to the use.

Similarly, if the address has only one line to identify the house leave the Address Line 2 box blank. Don't use the Line 2 box for the post town. Max2 will leave out blank entries when printing the address.

If the account holder does not want to have the statements posted to their home then check the Account statements to be collected box.

Similarly, if the account holder does not want their telephone number to be released to people who are not club staff then check the Private Numbers - do not release box.

Add the telecommunications numbers available. In the drop down list boxes select the most suitable description for the number (e.g., Home or Work Fax). If a single number serves two purposes (e.g., telephone and fax on the same telephone line) then enter it twice, once for each description. If none of the provided descriptions are suitable then type in a more suitable one.

If you know the Internet e-mail address or personal web site address for the account holder add these in the mailto: and http:// boxes respectively. You should not include the "http://" part of a web address (which people don't bother to quote nowadays anyway). For example, for Booker Gliding Club's address enter "www.bookergliding.co.uk". Remember that some Internet names must be entered in the correct case.

If the account is to have special properties, such as membership of sub-clubs then use the Add Properties button to add these properties. See Modifying Properties Of An Account.

Fill in the date of birth of the account holder where available. Leave this field blank if it is not available and for accounts which do not have a date of birth (e.g., trial lesson groups).

The notes field can be used for free form text notes about the account, e.g., any special deals on course or membership sales which apply.

The No. of Members should contain the number of members covered by the account. Normally it will be one but might be greater in the case of family membership. In some cases it can be zero, for example, for the club's own account with itself (used for test flights of club aircraft, etc).

The TL Group Fixed Price field contains the price charged for each flight in a trial lesson group. It should be left blank for other accounts.

The Next of kin fields allow a small amount of contact information to be stored for use in case of an accident.

The Account State panel at the bottom of the window is for display only and cannot be filled in.

When the account details are correct choose the Add, Update or Cancel buttons as described in the procedures Account Creation or Account Modification as appropriate.

See Also #

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