[ Procedures ]

Editing Course Types #

Description #

To change the details of a course type.

Conditions #

Write access. Month is open for start-of-month or daily transactions.

Operator Level #


Usage #

Choose Manager | Course Type... in the main window's menu. This displays the Course Type List window.

Select the course type to be edited and choose Edit. The Course Type window is displayed.

Update the course details as required.

Changes to the fee, fee heading and aerotow credit do not have any "retrospective" effect on courses which have already been entered but changes to the implied properties can affect all transactions which have accounts whose current membership type is this course type.

When the course details are correct choose Update.

If the month is open for daily transactions the state file will be marked invalid. This is so that any flight transactions which are affected by any changes to the implied properties of the course type are recalculated.

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