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Displaying Proper Account Transactions #

Description #

To display the undeleted transactions specific to a particular proper account for a month.

Conditions #

State file is valid.

Operator Level #


Usage #

Open the Account List or Selected Account List window as described in Displaying Proper Account Lists. Select the account of interest and choose View Transactions. This opens the Account Transaction Browser window:

The transactions shown are those which are marked in the state file as applying to the account in question. Normally this will not include deleted transactions (as they are not applied) but if a transaction is deleted without rebuilding the state file then it might be included.

Details of an individual transaction can be displayed by double clicking on the transaction line. See Displaying Transactions.

Choosing Next Month moves the current month forward to the next month. The Account Transaction Browser window is unusual in that it is one of the few which remain open when the current month is changed - it updates to show the transactions for the account in the new month (if the account still exists in the new month). This can be helpful when looking through the history of an account.

Similarly, choosing Prev Month moves back to a previous month. If the account does not exist in the current month then it is simply the immediately previous month. If the account does exist, though, the month moved to is the most recent for the account with a transaction - any months with no activity are skipped in the process.

Unfortunately, this skipping action is not available for the Next Month operation.

Print prints a screen shot of the window which can be useful for reference when discussing problems with the account holder - particularly as it shows more transactions than are shown on the account statement (see Monthly Account Statements).

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