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Deleting or Undeleting Transactions #

Description #

To delete an individual transaction which has been entered in error or undelete one which has been marked as deleted.

The transaction is not physically deleted. Instead it is marked as deleted so that it will not be applied if the state file is rebuilt and it will not normally be included in reports.

There is an option in the transaction selector to include transactions which are deleted but by default this is switched off. The purpose of this mechanism is to allow the deletion of transactions to be reviewed for audit purposes.

It is also possible to delete a number of transactions using a transaction selector. See Deleting or Undeleting Multiple Transactions.

Conditions #

Write access. Month is not closed.

Operator Level #

Full Entry.

Usage #

The first step to deleting an individual transaction is to display it in the Transaction window. There are a number of ways of doing this. See Displaying Transactions.

When the transaction is displayed in the Transaction window the caption of the top left button indicates the current deletion state of the transaction. If the caption is Delete Transaction then the transaction is not currently marked as deleted. If it is Undelete Transaction then the transaction is currently marked as deleted.

If the button is disabled (greyed out) then it is not possible to delete or undelete the transaction. This may be because the operator does not have a suitable operator level, because the database is open for read only access, because the month is closed, or because the transaction has not yet been posted to a transaction file.

To delete a not-deleted transaction choose Delete Transaction. To undelete a currently deleted transaction choose Undelete Transaction. In both cases you will be asked to confirm the action.

Deleting and undeleting transactions causes the month's state file to be marked as invalid so that it will need to be rebuilt. See Building State Files.

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