[ Procedures ]

Deleting Proper Accounts #

Description #

To delete a proper account when the member involved has left the club and is unlikely to be a member in the future.

Conditions #

Write access.

Month open for daily transactions (for membership closure).

Month open for start of month or daily transactions (for account deletion).

Operator Level #

Full Entry

Usage #

Depending on circumstances, when a member leaves the club it can be better either to close their membership but leave the account present for a while or just delete the account immediately. If there is much likelihood of the member rejoining or if they have an outstanding debt which might need to be followed up then it is worth keeping the account.

Whether an account is just deleted or has its membership closed and then is deleted makes a small difference to how it appears in the reports. See the Transaction Summary Report table Membership class changes.

Membership Closure #

In the main window choose Input -> Membership Closure.... In the ensuing Membership Closure enter the account number and choose Enter. Enter the numbers of any other accounts whose membership is to be closed, pressing Enter for each in turn. When all have been entered choose Done.

The Membership Closure transaction which is generated is unusual in that it is, in effect, an "end-of-month" transaction. Unlike other daily transactions it does not have a day-in-month number entered when it is created; instead it is always created for the last day of the current month. During the transaction sort which happens as part of the state file rebuild process membership closure transactions are sorted after most daily transactions (such as flights) together with debit transactions. The result is that the membership carries on until the end of the current month.

If all of the accounts in a set which can be defined by an account selector are to have their memberships closed then the Membership Closure transaction can be duplicated.

Account Deletion #

In the Account List or Selected Account List window (opened as described in Displaying Proper Account Lists) select the account to be deleted and choose Delete. In the resulting Account Deletionconfirmation message box choose OK.

If all of the accounts in a set which can be defined by an account selector are to be deleted then the Account Deletion transaction can be duplicated.

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