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Deleting Property Types #

Description #

To remove a property from the set of those which can be attached to an account.

The property type is not actually deleted. Rather, it is marked for deletion so that it will not be copied when the state file for the next month is created.

Conditions #

Write access. Month is open for start-of-month or daily transactions.

The property is not currently in use: no account has the property, no membership or course type has the property as an implied property and no charging rule in any of the rule sets references the property.

Note that if an object (such as an account or a course or membership type) which is marked for deletion at the end of the current month references the property then it is still not permissible to delete the property - even though in principle doing so could be allowed.

Operator Level #


Usage #

Choose Manager | Property... in the main window's menu. The Property List window is displayed.

Select the property to be deleted.

Choose the Delete button. Max2 then checks that the property is not in use in any of the ways listed under Conditions (above). This may take a minute or so, progress for the search steps is shown on the main form.

If the property is in use an error message is displayed describing the first instance of its use found. The property is not deleted.

If the property is not in use it is then marked to be deleted. The name in the Property List window has "(to be deleted)" appended.

When all properties which are no longer required have been marked for deletion choose Done.

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