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Deleting or Undeleting Multiple Transactions #

Description #

To delete or undelete one or more transactions in a month using a transaction selector.

The transaction is not physically deleted. Instead it is marked as deleted so that it will not be applied if the state file is rebuilt and it will not normally be included in reports.

Conditions #

Write access. Month open for start of month or daily transactions.

Transactions to be deleted are in a single month.

Operator Level #


Usage #

To determine the transactions to be deleted or undeleted it is best try out the transaction selector first using the procedure described in View Selected Transactions.

In the main window choose Transactions -> Delete Selected Transactions. The Transaction Selection window is shown. Fill this in as described in Transaction Selectors.

Note that you can use a transaction selector which selects across multiple months. However, the actual transactions selected must all be in the same month. As the delete/undelete operation progresses through the months a check is made that any transactions selected are in the first month in which such transactions are found. If any are found in a month other than the first the operation fails with a dialog box error message. This is because of issues with rebuilding the state files after transactions have been modified.

When you choose OK in the Transaction Selection window a dialog box warning about state file invalidation is displayed. Choosing OK on that starts the delete/undelete operation.

The normal operation of this process is to mark transactions which are currently undeleted as deleted. If a selected transaction is encountered which is currently marked as deleted then the intended operation is to mark it as undeleted. However, this is sufficiently unusual that a dialog box is displayed for confirmation:

The options are:

Once all of the transactions have been processed a dialog box is displayed to show the operations performed:

The state file for the month of the transactions and further months will now need to be rebuilt.

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