[ Procedures ]

Course Sale Entry #

Description #

To enter the information on the sale of a course to a proper account.

Conditions #

Write access. Month is open for daily transactions.

Operator Level #

Full Entry

Usage #

If the account does not already exist then create the account using the procedure Account Creation. This procedure will present the option of entering a course sale transaction which should be chosen to display the Course Sale window.

If the account already exists then choose Input | Course Sales... in the main window's menu which will display the Course Sale window.

In the Course Sale window fill in the date of the sale of the course, the account number of the member and the type of the course. If the amount charged for the course or the aerotow included is non-standard for any reason then override the contents of the relevant fields. (Note that if the course type is changed after these fields have been overridden they will need to be updated again as the defaults for the new course type are set).

If the start month of the course is not the current month then enter the start month. Following months can be chosen from the drop down list.

If for any reason the start of the course is to be backdated to a preceding month then type the month name and year directly into the start month field, using the format shown. (Month names can be abbreviated to three letters (except "Sept") and the year to the last two digits). You will be asked to confirm the start month when the transaction is posted.

If the course is an old one which has been deleted from the system then check the "Reinstatement..." box. This will show additional fields to allow entry of the original course details. The Fee field will be renamed to Upgrade Fee to allow entry of any additional payment needed to reinstate the course. If there is no additional payment required then enter zero. The aerotow credit field is renamed to Remaining Aerotow Credit. Enter the amount of aerotow credit remaining from the original course.

When all of the details are correct choose Enter.

When all the course sales required have been entered choose Done.

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